Regulation of the abundance of clover seed weevils, Apion spp. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in a seed stand of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.)

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P. Kolařík *
J. Rotrekl
(*) Corresponding Author:
P. Kolařík |


The clover seed weevils, Apion trifolii and Protapion apricans, members of the genus Apion, are responsible for causing serious economic damage in clover. In 2010-2012, the effectiveness of some insecticides against clover seed weevils in the genus Apion were tested in red clover stands. The efficacy of different products was evaluated on the basis of analyses of specimens trapped in the herb layer of red clover using a sweep net and red clover heads sampled in individual plots. Over the course of these trials, the applications of the products tested resulted in a marked reduction in their numbers (particularly of adults and, to a lesser extent, also of larvae). The highest efficacy was observed with Biscaya 240 (A.I. thiacloprid) and Mospilan 20 SP (A.I. acetamiprid). Results obtained in this study corroborated the low efficacy of the insecticide Karate Zeon Technology 5 CS against seed weevils of the genus Apion.

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