New records of the subfamily Oscinellinae (Diptera; Chloropidae) from Iran

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R. Namaki Khamneh
S. Khaghaninia *
E. Gilasian
(*) Corresponding Author:
S. Khaghaninia |


A faunistic study of the subfamily Oscinellinae was investigated in Shabestar region (East Azarbaijan province, Iran) during 2013-2014. Four species Aphanotrigonum bicolor Nartshuk, 1964, Dicraeus sabroskyi Beschovski, 1977, Lasiambia albidipennis (Strobl, 1893) and Lasiambia coxalis (von Roser, 1840) are newly recorded from Iran. In addition, one genus Lasiambia Sabrosky, 1941 is recorded for the first time from Iran. The diagnostic characters and photos of the recorded species are provided.

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