Effect of dietary inclusion of different lipid supplements on performance and carcass quality traits of growing beef heifers

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Attilio Luigi Mordenti *
Nico Brogna
Flavia Merendi
Luca Sardi
Marco Tassinari
Ludovica Maria Eugenia Mammi
Elisa Giaretta
Andrea Formigoni
(*) Corresponding Author:
Attilio Luigi Mordenti | attilio.mordenti@unibo.it


The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of dietary extruded flaxseed and/or rumen-protected lipids on growth performance and carcass quality of growing beef heifers. Sixty-three crossbreed heifers (Charolais X Limousine) were distributed into seven experimental groups, balanced in terms of age and live weight. Diets fed to the groups were isoproteic and differed in both, the dietary lipid source (extruded linseed and/or rumen-protected conjugated linoleic acid) and the supplementation length (90 or 180 days before slaughtering), having the same total amount of lipids and vitamin E, during their finishing period. The results obtained in the present study confirm that in low-protein diets, the inclusion of rumen-protected CLA, alone or in combination with flaxseed, did not bring any evident effect on feed intake, performance and carcass quality traits of growing beef heifers.

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