Selective arterial embolization for a high-flow priapism following perineal trauma in a young gymnast

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Grazia Bianchi *
Camilla Sachs
Irene Campo
Giovanni Liguori
Carlo Trombetta
(*) Corresponding Author:
Grazia Bianchi |


Introduction. High-flow priapism is a rare condition in children, usually due to a perineal trauma.
Materials and methods. We present a case of traumatic highflow priapism investigated by Doppler ultrasound and managed by angiography and selective embolization of a branch of the internal pudendal artery.
Results. A 13-year-old gymnast underwent perineal trauma during training and developed a high-flow priapism. The first ultrasound (immediately after the trauma) showed the presence of an inhomogeneous area of 3 x 2 cm associated with an anechoic vascularized area (pseudoaneurysm) in the right corpus cavernosum. On the left side there was a similar finding, but of smaller size. After 3 weeks the pseudoaneurysm on the left was completely obliterated while the right one was still present. Angiography and superselective catheterization of a branch of the left pudendal artery and its embolization with microspheres and with metal microcoils were performed. After the procedure, ultrasound showed that the right pseudoaneurysm was completely obliterated and there were no more branches reaching it. The cavernous arteries were both pervious.
Conclusions. Selective arterial embolization is a safe treatment that can also be used in pediatric patients.

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