Alprostadil plus Vacuum (VITARUM) in severe erectile dysfunction (ED)


Objectives: Severe erectile dysfunction (ED) is not uncommon, as can be seen from the epidemiological literature, and there are several possible causes, which are not always known, or leastways evident. Having ascertained the ineffectiveness, intolerance to or rejection of pharmacological aids, the option of prosthetic surgery remains, but before this, it may be wise when feasible to use Alprostadil cream in association with Vacuum device. Material and methods: 12 patients, aged between 55 and 65 years, with severe erectile dysfunction without palpable cavernous fibrosis, were instructed to self-insert into the urethral meatus, 3 mg of Alprostadil cream, sufficient to make it easy to place the Vacuum device over the penis. Results: In the cases observed, the preliminary use of Alprostadil cream fast produced an erection with enough rigidity to place the Vacuum. A sufficient erection was maintained, obviously using an elastic ring at the base of the penis, to achieve penetration. The reproducibility of the use of Alprostadil cream with Vacuum device was then confirmed at home, to the satisfaction of the patients.



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Short Communications - Andrology
Erectile dysfunction, Alprostadil cream, Vacuum device
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Mantovani, F. (2017). Alprostadil plus Vacuum (VITARUM) in severe erectile dysfunction (ED). Archivio Italiano Di Urologia E Andrologia, 89(2), 146-147.