Intraoperative ultrasound-guided enucleation of testicular nodule

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Riccardo Boschian *
Giovanni Liguori
Stefano Bucci
Michele Bertolotto
Carlo Trombetta
(*) Corresponding Author:
Riccardo Boschian |


Objective: We report a case of enucleation of a non-palpable right testicular lesion found incidentally at testicular ultrasonography during investigations in a patient with azoospermia. Materials and methods: In 2011 bilateral hypoechoic nonpalpable testicular lesions (5 mm and 3 mm to the right, 3 mm to the left) were found in a 28 years old patient, during diagnostic investigations for azoospermia. In March 2016, ultrasonography showed that the diameter of the right major nodule had grown to 12 mm, characterized by increased vascularization and increased texture. Blood exams showed serum FSH above normal levels with negative oncologic markers. The patients underwent surgical enucleation of the right nodule under ultrasonography guidance. Results: In post operative day 1 a control ultrasonography documented the disappearance of the lesion. Hystopathologic examination diagnosed a Leydig cell tumor, with negative surgical margins. The patient is in good clinical conditions and is under periodic ultrasonographic follow up. Conclusion: Organ sparing surgery represent a good therapeutic option for little intraparenchymal lesions, mostly in young patients in which is preferable to preserve fertility. Intraoperatory ultrasonography represent an important tool for the localization of the lesion.

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