Penile prosthesis implant for erectile dysfunction: A new minimally invasive infrapubic surgical technique

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Gabriele Antonini
Gian Maria Busetto
Ettore De Berardinis
Riccardo Giovannone
Patrizio Vicini *
Vincenzo Gentile
Paul E. Perito
(*) Corresponding Author:
Patrizio Vicini |


Erectile dysfunction, the most common male sexual disorder after premature ejaculation, with its important impact on man and partner’s sexuality and quality of life is a persistent inability to obtain and maintain an erection sufficient to permit satisfactory sexual performance. Non-surgical treatments with controversial results are usually applyed before surgical treatment that has reached high levels of satisfaction. We describe a new surgical technique to implant three-pieces penile prosthesis in patients suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) not responding to conventional medical therapy or reporting side effects with such a therapy. Implantation of an inflatable prosthesis, for treatment of ED, is a safe and efficacious approach with high satisfaction reported by patients and partners. Surgical technique should be minimally invasive and latest technology equipment should be implanted in order to decrease common complications and to obtain a better aesthetic result.

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