A rare complication after renal transplantation: Forgotten stent

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Mustafa Karabıcak *
Tumay Ipekci
Cemal Selcuk Isoglu
Mehmet Zeynel Keskin
Rahmi Gokhan Ekin
Salih Budak
Hakan Turk
Orcun Celik
Yusuf Ozlem Ilbey
(*) Corresponding Author:
Mustafa Karabıcak | bicak_7@hotmail.com


In renal transplantation surgery, double J stents (DJS) are often used to reduce complications, protect the anastomosis between ureter and bladder, provide drainage in ureteral obstructions and enhance healing if there is an ureter injury. Urinary tract infections, hematuria and irritative voiding symptoms are the early complications of DJS. Migration, fragmantation, encrustation and rarely sepsis are among the late complications of DJS. In this report we describe a renal transplantation case whose DJS stent was forgotten because the patient did not attend the regular follow-up and noticed 5 years after surgery.

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