Our percutaneous nephrolitotomy experience in patients with horseshoe kidney

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Tufan Suelozgen *
Cemal Selcuk Isoglu
Hakan Turk
Mehmet Yoldas
Ozlem Yusuf Ilbey
Ferruh Zorlu
(*) Corresponding Author:
Tufan Suelozgen | tsuelozgen@hotmail.com


Objectives: Horseshoe kidney is the most common renal congenital fusion anomaly. Kidney stone formation is more common in horseshoe kidneys and some of them requires surgical procedure. So we want to evaluate the results of PNL in patients with horseshoe kidney anomaly.
Matherial and method: Between January 2009-January 2014 PNL operation was performed in 6 patients with horseshoe kidney anomaly in our clinic. Success of surgery and postoperative/peroperative complications were evalutaed retrospectively.
Results: No severe complications occured in any patient caused by surgery. Three patients became stonefree. One patient had less than 4 mm. residual stone, two patients had more than 4 mm. residual stone.
Conclusion: PNL is safe surgical method and it can be performed successfully in patients with horseshoe kidney anomaly.

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