Burned-out in a mixed germ cell tumor of the testis: The problem of pT0. Case report

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Carlos Miacola *
Ottavio Colamonico
Carlo Bettocchi
Vito Ricapito
Silvano Palazzo
Marcello Campagna
Michele Battaglia
Pasquale Martino
(*) Corresponding Author:
Carlos Miacola | cmiacola@hotmail.it


Germ cell tumors constitute the majority of all testicular tumors, which are relatively rare overall and are mainly encountered in young adults and teenagers. The term ‘burned-out’ germ cell tumor refers to the presence of a metastatic germ cell tumor with histological regression of the primary testicular lesion. Clinical examination of the testes and scrotal sonography is the initial diagnosis of such neoplasms. We report an unusual case of a burned-out testicular tumor with metastases to retroperitoneal lymphnodes in an asymptomatic patient with right testicular hypoechoic nodule associated with multiple calcifications of the testicular parenchyma.

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