Surgical repair of the iatrogenic falsepassage in the treatment of trauma-induced posterior urethral injuries

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Faruk Dogan *
Ali Feyzullah Sahin
Tevfik Sarıkaya
Alper Dırık
(*) Corresponding Author:
Faruk Dogan |


Pelvic fracture associated urethral injury (PFAUI) is a rare and challenging sequel of blunt pelvic trauma. Treatment of iatrogenic false urethral passage (FUP) remains as a challenge for urologists. In this case report we reviewed the iatrogenic FUP caused by wrong procedures performed in the treatment of a patient with PFAUI and the treatment of posterior urethral stricture with transperineal bulbo-prostatic anatomic urethroplasty in the management of FUP. A 37-year-old male patient with PFAUI had undergone a laparotomy procedure for pelvic bone fracture, complete urethral rupture, and bladder perforation 8 years ago. After stricture formation, patient had undergone procedures that caused FUP. Following operations, he had a low urinary flow rate, and incontinence and urgency even with small amounts of urine. FUP was diagnosed by voiding cystourethrography and retrograde urethrography. FUP was fixed with open urethroplasty with the guidance of flexible antegrade urethtoscopy. False passage should always be taken into account in the differential diagnosis of patients with persistent symptoms that underwent PFAUI therapy. In addition, we believe that in the evaluation of patients with PFAUI suspected for having a false passage, bladder neck and urethra should be assessed by combining routine voiding cystourethrography and retrograde urethrography with preoperative flexible cystoscopy via suprapubic route.

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