In memory of Prof. Waldemar L. Olszewski


This is Waldemar as we know him: incorruptibly believing on his own experience; which revolutionized conventional ideas concerning basic facts on physiology and pathology of tissue function. He was the first who described the contractility of normal lymphatics, and was a scientific pioneer in many other subjects, e.g. the long-term treatment of recurrent erysipelas with antibiotics, or the implantation of silicone tubing for treatment of advanced lymphedema, his broad and brilliant knowledge of bacteriology and immunology and his open mind for social problems in the whole world made him to a unique personality, far beyond the well-known lymphologist.1
In spite of his interest in basic biology he was always open for problems of the basis, promoting courses how to treat lymphedema in the community and performed some important studies concerning the conservative treatment of lymphedema patients, together with his female partner, Dr. Zaleska. When the International Compression Club (ICC) invited him to support one of their educational meetings he never refused to give a presentation and to provide us with a manuscript which were all accepted a printed in Veins and Lymphatics.2,3 
I had the privilege being invited to write a chapter in one of his books and, working in Vienna, to see his grandson in my practice; since Waldemar’s daughter was married to an Austrian also living there.
I may express my deep condolences to his family and to Dr Zaleska and promise that we will never forget Waldemar.

Prof. Hugo Partsch, M.D.
Past President of the International Compression Club (ICC)



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