Chronic venous insufficiency and interest of adjustable compression wrap devices

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Knut Kroeger *
Joachim Dissemond
(*) Corresponding Author:
Knut Kroeger |


Adjustable compression wrap devices (ACWD) are a heterogenic group which makes it difficult to match them to individual patient in their best way, we tried to characterize these products by their technical features. We bought four different ACWD and compared them regarding construction and handling. ACWD show obvious advantages including self-management, self-application, re-adjustability and standardization of the compression therapy. Basically, all systems are one or more low stretch bandages that encircle the lower leg and adhere to itself with velcro. Some allow for a selective adjustment during the course of the application because in these systems the individual bands mutually intermesh. In others, the bandages must always be opened from proximal to distal in order to retighten individual segments. In addition only one enables the user to control the compression pressure of each segment by a built-in-pressure system. Different technical features of the four ACWDs make it difficult to compare them. For effective compression easy handling, selective adjustments and a reliable pressure control seem to be the most important aspects.

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