Meeting complexity with collaboration: a proposed conceptual framework for participatory community-based music therapy research in end of life-care

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Wolfgang Schmid *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Wolfgang Schmid |


Research in end-of-life care is complex with specific ethical and practical challenges related to epistemology, methodology and recruitment of people approaching the end of life. However, to ensure the provision of high-quality care research efforts need to be aligned with the priorities of patients, their families, and interdisciplinary team members. A more systematic engagement of all three groups in research is needed to promote tailored and appropriate end-of-life care. In this methodological article I propose a conceptual framework for community-based participatory music therapy research in end-of-life care scenarios as one promising strategy to respond to ethical and practical challenges, to handle complexity and advance integration of perspectives. The conceptual framework consists of two thematic clusters i) Participlinarity across contexts, and ii) Community-based participatory music therapy research in end-of-life care scenarios. Though in the early stages of development, the framework addresses issues of educational strategies and continuity of care, and aims to contribute to innovative music therapy research in the future.

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