Outpatient evaluation of oxidative stress in subjects undergoing systemic oxygen-ozone therapy

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Fortunato Loprete *
Francesco Vaiano
Luigi Valdenassi
(*) Corresponding Author:
Fortunato Loprete | info@ossigenoozono.it


Oxygen-ozone therapy improves the quality of life in patients affected by various diseases. The purpose of this study was to verify and eventually quantify the production of free radicals generated by oxidative stress induced by the ozonated auto-hemoinfusion in subjects subjected to this practice and eventually evaluate and naturally quantify the plasma antioxidant power of the subjects under examination. All subjects showed a significant improvement in the oxidative balance already at the first check, which was maintained (albeit with a minimal non-significant loss) at the end of the study. The results of the study have made it possible to verify that systemic ozonated auto-hemoinfusion not only does not involve further oxidative stress but even exerts an important antioxidant effect, through the scavenger effect of free radicals.

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