Effects of oxygen-ozone therapy in the Roth syndrome: a case report

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Alfredo Romeo *
Carolina Baiano
Marianna Chierchia
Francesco Scandone
(*) Corresponding Author:
Alfredo Romeo | alfredo.romeo@tin.it


Meralgia paresthetica (MP) is a disesthetic and/or anesthetic syndrome in the distribution of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. It is a compressive or traumatic mononeuropathy, characterized by burning pain and/or discomfort in the anterolateral thigh, without motor or muscle strength changes, with preserved reflexes. The authors report the case of a 52-year-old male with a history of low back pain presented from two-year sensory dysesthesias and paresthesias in the right anterolateral thigh, consistent with meralgia paresthetica; they also describe the first reported use of O2O3 therapy to relieve the intractable pain associated with MP.

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