The use of ozone as a driver for economic and environmental sustainable development

  • Marco Remondino | Department of Economics, University of Genoa; Scientific Society of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (SIOOT), Gorle (BG), Italy.


Sustainability, as a scientific concept, is multidisciplinary and very wide topic. Sustainable development bases its strategies not simply on the concept of growth, but rather on that of optimisation, around three main principles: ecosystem integrity, economic efficiency and social equity. The purpose of this paper, after an introduction about the concept of sustainability in general and as a strategy for the enterprises, is to discuss the potential of the use of ozone in different field, as a source of sustainable development, according to two of those principles, i.e. economic and environmental. In the first part, the concept of sustainability will be investigated in deep, with a managerial point of view, while the second part of the work will briefly analyse the current state of the arts of the uses of ozone, with also some practical examples. Finally, the discussion will take care of the reasons why the use of ozone, in several fields, could be considered as a driver for sustainability.



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Ozone, Economic sustainable development, Environmental sustainable development.
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