Oxygen-ozone therapy in prevention and rehabilitation of myocardium infarct

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Sergio Pandolfi *
Angelo Zammitti
Marianno Franzini
Vincenzo Simonetti
William Liboni
Luigi Valdenassi
Filippo Molinari
(*) Corresponding Author:
Sergio Pandolfi | info@ossigenoozono.it


In 1991, Prof. Lettieri (Naples, Federico II University) using Great Ozonated Blood Auto Infusion (GAE) treated patients having acute myocardium infarct, he had good results concerning pain and prognosis. Oxygen-ozone therapy is protective for ischemic cardiopathy. In 1996, oxygen-ozone therapy was used in relapse myocardium infarct prevention, showing an important factor against infarct relapse. Ozone has an important anti-inflammatory and rheological action, even if it is a strong oxidant. Paradoxically ozone activates cells antioxidant system, activates cells enzymatic function against free radicals and increases DNA antioxidant enzyme transcription. Ozone also activates redoxine system, reduce pro inflammatory cytokines II 1β, TNFX, modulate NFKB system, reduce platelet aggregation and stimulate different growth factor release. Because of the above skills, oxygen-ozone therapy helps to prevent ischemic cardiopathy and post infarcted rehabilitation. A mixture of ozone and oxygen administration has been evaluated on myocardium damaged tissues after an experimental ischemic event and myocardium reperfusion. Infarct damage can be counteract using pre- treatment with oxygen-ozone gaseous mixture. All our cardiopath patients treated with GAE have had an emo dynamic benefit, left ventricle ejection fraction improvement. Patients also improved aritmologic aspect with atrial fibrillation disappearance, enhance or disappearance of different comorbidity that often cardiopath/ischemic patients suffer.

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