The use of ozonated water and rectal insufflation in patients with intestinal dysbiosis

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Fortunato Loprete *
Francesco Vaiano
(*) Corresponding Author:
Fortunato Loprete |


A functional intestinal Flora, physiologically speaking, is an important indication of a healthy organism; therefore, it is an important ally for the Function of Defense. The study was conducted on an adult population from January 2012 to June 2013. 34 individuals were considered, regardless of age and sex, of which 23 females (67.6%) and 11 males (32.4%), aged between 27 and 62 (average: 43.9 years). For the evaluation of abdominal pressure- like pain and discomfort caused by other typical disorders of dysbiosis, a visual-analogue scale was chosen, according to the Scott and Huskisson model. The results of the study made it possible to verify - first of all - that intestinal dysbiosis is a disease with a higher incidence with respect to what clinical data does not allow to establish on the basis of subjective and objective symptoms. In conclusion, the study confirmed the validity of the treatment with ozonized water combined with rectal insufflation of oxygen and ozone mixture.

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