Shoulder adhesive capsulitis, treatment with oxygen ozone: Technique and results

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Giulio Peretti *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giulio Peretti |


Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, also known as frozen shoulder, is a condition characterized by a reduction in the arc of active and passive motion of the joint in the presence of essentially normal radiographic tests, except for the possible finding of osteopenia or calcific tendinitis. It is a condition with an uncertain etiology, characterized by the spontaneous onset of pain. From March 2015 to March 2016, 10 patients with adhesive capsulitis were treated with a cycle of intra-articular and subcutaneous infiltrations. Of these, 6 patients were female, of 49.3 average age (min 40 - max 59) and 4 male, and 4 were male, of 56.7 average age (min 48 - max 65); the average age of all participants was 52.3 (min 40 - max 65). The dominant limb was affected in seven cases, while in three, the non-dominant limb was affected. Oxygen-ozone treatment in adhesive capsulitis proved to be extremely effective; the absence of side effects has proven the safety of its use. A comparison with other types of treatment demonstrates a similar, and perhaps greater efficacy with no risks and side effects such as are present in the others. Further studies are necessary to confirm the validity of this technique.

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