Pain management after lung surgery

  • Maria Frödin Sahlgrenska University Hospital/Mölndal, Mölndal, Sweden.
  • Margareta Warrén Stomberg | University of Gothenburg/The Sahlgrenska Academy, Institute of Health and Care Sciences, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Pain management is an integral challenge in nursing and includes the responsibility of managing patients’ pain, evaluating pain therapy and ensuring the quality of care. The aims of this study were to explore patients’ experiences of pain after lung surgery and evaluate their satisfaction with the postoperative pain management. A descriptive design was used which studied 51 participants undergoing lung surgery. The incidence of moderate postoperative pain varied from 36- 58% among the participants and severe pain from 11-26%, during their hospital stay. Thirty-nine percent had more pain than expected. After three months, 20% experienced moderate pain and 4% experienced severe pain, while after six months, 16% experienced moderate pain. The desired quality of care goal was not fully achieved. We conclude that a large number of patients experienced moderate and severe postoperative pain and more than one third had more pain than expected. However, 88% were satisfied with the pain management. The findings confirm the severity of pain experienced after lung surgery and facilitate the apparent need for the continued improvement of postoperative pain management following this procedure.



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postoperative pain management, lung surgery, satisfaction, expectation.
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