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Microbiologia Medica (MM) is the official publication of the Italian Association of Clinical Microbiologists (AMCLI). It publishes peer-reviewed papers that present basic and applied research relevant to therapy and diagnostics in the fields of: bacteriology, mycology, virology, parasitology, mycobacteriology, infectious diseases, chemotherapy, antimicrobial agents, immunology, autoimmunity and epidemiology.  The journal publishes Editorials, Reviews, Original Articles, Clinical Cases, Short Communications and Letters to the Editor.  MM is devoted to the diffusion of any progress related to all aspects of clinical microbiology. Reports about new techniques, methods and processes dealing with quality control procedures are also considered. Papers on isolation, identification and epidemiology of microorganisms as index of nosocomial infections, or reports on microorganisms collected from animals and environment as vehicles of antibiotic resistant strains are also welcome.

The journal is completely free – as there are no charges for submission or publication – and provides immediate Open Access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

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Vol 32, No 4 (2017)

Published: 2017-12-30

In vitro effects of glycyrrhetinic acid and hyaluronic acid on the growth of vulvovaginal Candida albicans and other yeasts

Martina Stevan, Eleonora Fusato, Decio Armanini, Giulio Bertoloni, Francesco De Seta, Christian Leli, Mario Rassu

Measles outbreaks in the Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy, during 2016

Giulia Piccirilli, Angela Chiereghin, Gabriele Turello, Roberta Zuntini, Silvia Felici, Melissa Baggieri, Loredana Nicoletti, Fabio Magurano, Gabriella Frasca, Maria Grazia Pascucci, Liliana Gabrielli, Tiziana Lazzarotto

Exploration of the antibacterial and chemical potential of some Beninese pharmacopoiea traditional plants

Boris Lègba, Victorien Dougnon, Angèle Ahoyo, Jerrold Agbankpè, Gildas Hounmanou, Alidah Aniambossou, Edna Hounsa, Kafayath Fabiyi, Affousssath Amadou, Phénix Assogba, Honoré Bankolé, Jacques Dougnon, Lamine Baba-Moussa

Bacterial vaginosis: epidemiologic, clinical and diagnostic updates

Giorgio Dirani, Silvia Zannoli, Maria Federica Pedna, Francesco Congestrì, Patrizia Farabegoli, Barbara Dalmo, Vittorio Sambri

Sepsis by Capnocytophaga

Lara Ines Bellazzi, Liudmyla Diachyshyna, Marcella Mercuri, Cristina Terulla, Panajota Troupioti, Filippo Costanzo
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