Epidemiology of skin and soft tissue pathogens circulating in Liguria in 2011

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Erika Coppo *
Ramona Barbieri
Andrea Dusi
Marco Mori
David Usiglio
Luigi Carlo Bottaro
Paolo Piazzai
Luisa Santoriello
Agostina Ronca
Anna Marchese
Eugenio A. Debbia
(*) Corresponding Author:
Erika Coppo | coppo@unige.it


This study was conduced during March-May 2011 with the collaboration of 4 clinical microbiology laboratories evenly distibuited across the Ligurian area to identify the most frequent pahogens isolates from skin and soft tissue infections and to evaluate their antibiotic susceptibility patterns. Overall, 213 consecutive, non duplicate strains were collected and sent to the coordinating laboratory.The most rappresented pathogens were: S. aureus (35.7%), P. aeruginosa (14%), E. coli (12.7%), Staphylococcus coaugulase negative (6.6%) and Enterococcus spp. (4.7%). The data indicate an increase of Gram negative compared to previous years, S. aureus remains the most common pathogen.The methicillin resistance in S. aureus was 43.4% and no one Enterococcus spp. resistant to vancomicin was found.

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