Usefulness of Microscan System panels with EUCAST clinical breakpoints to evaluate the antimicrobial susceptibility of ß-lactamase producing- Gram negative isolates

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Elisabetta Nucleo *
Melissa Spalla
Aurora Piazza
Roberta Migliavacca
Piero Micheletti
Laura Pagani
(*) Corresponding Author:
Elisabetta Nucleo |


The study aimed to evaluate the ability of NBC45, NBC46 and NB40 Microscan (MS) panels, updated to 2010 EUCAST breakpoints, to identify at species level and to correctly define the susceptibility to ß-lactams of 61 ß-lactamases (BLs) producing Gram-negative isolates. A collection of 73 fully identified strains was analyzed: 21 Klebsiella spp., 17 E. coli, 15 P. mirabilis, 9 A. baumannii (Ab), 7 P. aeruginosa and 4 Enterobacter spp.. 61/73 were BLs and/or carbapenemases producers: 15 were CTX-M-1/-2/-14/-15 positive, and among them two were also VIM-1 positive. Four were TEM-52/-92, 3 PER-1, 2 SHV-12/-18 and 6 CMY-16 producers, while 11 were KPC-2/-3, 9 OXA-51/-58/-23, 8 VIM-1 and 2 IMP-13 positive. One K. oxytoca K-1 iper-producer, 11 non-BL producers/ATCC control strains and a OprD2 porin lacking P. aeruginosa were also included. All isolates were identified by Api-20E and VITEK-2 System and antibiotic susceptibilities were obtained by broth microdilution method. Resistance genes were identified by PCR and sequencing. All 73 isolates were correctly identified and a complete agreement for susceptibility patterns was observed for both ATCC control strains and non-BL clinical isolates. MS failed to detect a BL/Extended-Spectrum-ß-Lactamase (ESâL) production in 5/61 cases: any ESßL alert was detected using NBC46 panel for 3/15 CTX-M positive strains and 2 VIM-1/CTX-M-15 producing K. pneumoniae isolates. Intermediate resistance to cefoxitin (MIC 16 mg/L), susceptibility to cefepime (MIC 8 mg/L for ertapenem (ETP), according to previously results. All VIM-1 producers resulted intermediate/resistant to imipenem (IP) and meropenem (MP); decreased MIC values were observed in 2/8 cases. Carbapenem MICs >8 mg/L were detected for IP-13 P. aeruginosa producers; 6/9 OXA carbapenemases- producing Ab showed IP MIC >8 mg/L and 3/6 MP MIC >8 mg/L. 3/9 Ab OXA-58/-51 producers, tested using NB40 panel, were intermediate or resistant to doripenem and meropenem. Regarding the detection of BLs overall agreement between MS and reference methods was 91.9%. Carbapenems MIC values resulted a fold lower than previously determined. Nevertheless using 2010 EUCAST breakpoints for ETP, MP and IP was possible to detect all carbapenemases- producers. MS System represents a useful tool to perform identification of BL- producing Gram negative bacteria.

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