Norovirus circulation in pediatric patients

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Sara Giordana Rimoldi *
Cristina Pagani
Fabrizio Stefani
Nadia Zanchetta
Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti
Ilaria di Bartolo
Franco Ruggeri
Maria Rita Gismondo
(*) Corresponding Author:
Sara Giordana Rimoldi |


An eighteen-month study (2008-2009) was carried out on patients, aged on average 30 months, admitted with gastroenteritis to the Paediatric Unit of the L. Sacco Hospital in Milan, Italy. Faecal samples of 154 patients were investigated for Rotavirus, Norovirus,Adenovirus, Enterovirus and Bocavirus. A total of 25 norovirus positive samples were selected for nucleotide sequence analysis, that allowed identify GII.2, GII.3 and GII.4 2006 virus variants (06 a, 06 b).

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