Antimicrobial susceptibility of enterococci from Italian patients with infective endocarditis

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Claudio Farina *
Giuseppe Russello
Annibale Raglio
Francesca Vailati
Veronica Ravasio
Maria Bruna Pasticci
Pierangelo Chinello
Claudio Scarparo
Gruppo SEI
(*) Corresponding Author:
Claudio Farina |


The epidemiological and clinical study “Studio Endocarditi Italiane” (SEI) evaluated 947 cases of infective endocarditis in 2004-2008. Enterococcal aethiology was described in 11% cases.The aim of our study was to evacuate the in vitro activity of twelve antibiotics alone and in association against 20 strains (15 E. faecalis, 5 E. faecium). Results show the in vitro activity of tigecyicline, daptomicine and linezolid. Synergism is appreciated for ceftriaxone-fosfomycin (FICindex50=0.34, FICindex90=0.56) against E. faecalis and for imipenem-fosfomycin against E. faecium.The majority of the tested strains show addition using ampicillin-ceftriaxone (FICindex50=0.85, FICindex90=1.01) and moxifloxacin- tigecycline (FICindex50=0.77, FICindex90=1.96).


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