Evaluation of a new system (RAD 120) for the serologic determination of the T.O.R.C.H complex analytes

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Mauro Carcheri *
Ilaria Chiossone
Paola Milano
Anna Alabiso
Fabrizia Capanna
Annamaria Ferretti
Licia Muselli
Caterina Oliveri
Laura Tassi
Roberto Capuzzo
(*) Corresponding Author:
Mauro Carcheri | mauro.carcheri@villascassi.it


The aim of this study was to evaluate the results of the determination of IgG and IgM against TORCH complex antigens obtained by using a new automatic random-access (RAD 120 – RADIM/SEAC) instrument based on FEIA method, in comparison with the results obtained for the same analytes by using a traditional analyzer based on a coated microplate ELISA method (ALISEI-RADIM/SEAC).The analysis of the discordances between the results was made with the system ELFA (VIDAS – bioMérieux), taken as a reference test. The general concordance of the results obtained with the FEIA and the ELISA was over 97.00%. For the single analyte as Toxo IgG,Toxo IgM, Rubeo IgM, CMV IgG, CMV IgM and HSV 2 IgG, the concordance was above 96.00% and 100.00% for the Rubeo IgG and HSV 1 IgG. For the HSV 1/2 IgM, the FEIA/ELISA results show lower concordance, but still reaching 90.16%. For the IgG and IgM dosage, the FEIA seems to give more positive results than the ELISA. If the discordances FEIA/ELISA concern the IgG, the ELISA seems to agree better with the ELFA results. For the IgM dosage, all the FEIA positive/ELISA negative results have been confirmed as negative at ELFA. In conclusion the new technology FEIA/RAD120 gave results which can be comparable with those obtained at the traditional ELISA as well at the alternative ELFA.

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