Isolation of multidrug-resistant Enterobacter cloacae and comparison among clavulanate-tazobactam and sulbactam-synergy by using a double-disk synergy test

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Vincenzo Savini *
Fabio Febbo
Andrea Balbinot
Marzia Talia
Chiara Catavitello
Assunta Manna
Fabio Di Berardino
Francesca Fioritoni
Daniela Carlino
Giovanni Di Bonaventura
Domenico D’Antonio
(*) Corresponding Author:
Vincenzo Savini |


False negative results of double-disk synergy test with Enterobacter cloacae are common, as AmpC-enzymes may mask ESBLs elaboration. We increased the sensitivity of the method by using both clavulanate- and tazobactam/sulbactam; hence, we suggest to use all the three inhibitors to screen ESBLs in AmpC ß-lactamases producing organisms.

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