Salmonella bongori 48:z35:– The first Italian case of human infection outside Sicily

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Alberto Bellio *
Daniela M. Bianchi
Pierluigi Acutis
Cristina Biolatti
Ida Luzzi
Paola Modesto
Andrea Rocchetti
Lucia Decastelli
Silvia Gallina
(*) Corresponding Author:
Alberto Bellio |


Salmonella bongori 48:z35:– is considered endemic to Sicily (Italy) due to its epidemiological peculiarity. To our knowledge, no previous cases of human infection caused by S. bongori 48:z35:– have ever been reported in mainland Italy. Here we describe the isolation of S. bongori 48:z35:– from a 1-year-old symptomatic child in northwest Italy (Piedmont Region). The strain showed no antimicrobial resistance. Reporting of S. bongori 48:z35:– in a previously safe area is important to identify epidemiological changes.

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