Monitoraggio di infezione da Citomegalovirus (CMV) nel paziente sottoposto a trapianto di intestino

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Giulia Nardini
Alberto Merighi
Nadia Nanni
Valeria Govi
Anna Maria Bartoletti
Concetta Calvo
William Gennari
Maria Grazia Tamassia
Paola Pietrosemoli
Anna Maria Teresa Sabbatini
Monica Pecorari *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Monica Pecorari |


Six intestinal transplanted patients were monitored for CMV reactivation by pp65 antigenemia. In addition, the CMV viral load of intestinal biopsies was quantified to verify on a possible clinical meaning of this viral marker in order to the organ reject. No relationship emerged between this event and high amounts of CMV genomes in intestinal tissues.

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