The contribution of microscopy to food science: State of the art

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Manuela Malatesta *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Manuela Malatesta |


Especially in recent years, public opinion’s interest for food quality has considerably grown, and the safety of food has become a main priority for consumers as well as for industry holders. Accordingly, during the last ten years the number of scientific articles on food has increased of about 160%. To cope with the emerging issues on food safety, innovative analytical methods are being developed to better characterize foodstuff quality, and to achieve higher sensitivity for detecting food natural components or contaminants. Microscopy techniques proved to be powerful tools in food science, often in association with more traditional methods of physical and chemical analysis; in fact, the use of microscopy techniques in scientific articles showed an increase of about 200% since 2008. The present paper exemplifies the multiple possibilities microscopy may offer the researchers in this field.

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