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Malaria Reports is a peer-reviewed international medical journal devoted entirely to the study diagnosis, and treatment of malaria. The journal covers all aspects of malaria, including the pathophysiology, diagnosis, classification, epidemiology, and treatment of malaria for physicians and medical scientists. The journal tries to attract papers on malaria in its broadest sense. The journal welcomes papers that: provide malaria burden estimates and ways to improve the burden estimation (i.e. using optimal diagnostic tests), provide a better understanding of malaria, especially explaining the complex interaction between humans, vectors, climate and the environment. Studies incorporating e.g. socio-economic determinants are strongly encouraged. In line with this objective, we will appreciate papers reporting on interventions against malaria and clinically relevant information that will directly improve the care of patients with malaria, report on existing malaria information systems and how these can be improved. Within this context, major health care interventions, usually from a public health perspective, are welcome as well. All papers will be reviewed by experts in the field, but we articulate that we will publish each submission as long as it is methodologically correct, interesting and sound.


Ceased Publication


Given the new entries in PAGEPress portfolio and the new titles we look forward to welcome in 2014, we have planned an internal reconstruction in order to focus more carefully on the development of our journals.

Thus, starting from 1st January Malaria Reports won’t accept any further submissions.

Papers still in review, will be processed and published in the current issue of the journal, and archived issues will be available at this website address.

Moreover, articles will also be accessible through the Portico digital preservation service, our partner in keeping digital contents always available.

We would like to thank Editor in Chief, Reviewers and Authors that have worked to shape and promote this journals.

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