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M. Lo Gatto *
F. Varrone
G. Marzocca
(*) Corresponding Author:
M. Lo Gatto |


Introduction: Most of the diseases of the lymphatic vessels chiliferi chylous reflux are related to gravitational dysplasia of lymphatic collectors and Chilosi, with parieto-valveinsufficiency. It is, however, of paintings relatively rare, occurring in most cas- esalready in the newborn or child, in relation to extent and severity of malformations lymphangitis-chilodisplastic that underlie these complex pathological manifestations. The chylous ascites is a rare clinical manifestation of chylous’vessel pathology. The authors present a case report of chylous ascites, which classification is performed during exploratory laparotomy, because the CT images gave a framework for doubt bowel infarction. Materials and Methods: B.A., a woman of 84 years, arrives at our Unit, sent from the emergency department for acute abdomen. Discussion: Are no epidemiological data reported in literature relating to diseases of the thoracic duct of cysterna chyli intestinal vessels and, in particular as regards theforms dysplasia. Conclusions: The chylous ascites is often a difficult diagnosis to make clinically, CT often shows a picture comparable. Eidological intestinal infarction in case of acute abdomen, as the case report presented by the authors, and the suspicion of a bowel infarction, the Surgeon just have to perform an exploratory laparotomy with a diagnosis of chylous ascites and its drainage, with a high risk of death from cardio-circulatory failure.

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