Observations on some biological aspects of Cicadatra persica (Cicadidae: Hemiptera) in apple fruit orchards in Erneh, Syria

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Marah Ahmad Dardar *
Hamzeh Mouhammad Ramadan Belal
Abedlnabi Mouhammad Basheer
(*) Corresponding Author:
Marah Ahmad Dardar | marah.dardar@hotmail.com


Cicadatra persica Kirkaldy, 1909 (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) is regarded as a potential constraint to the productivity of apple fruit orchards in Erneh (33°21’N, 35°52’E), near Damascus, Syria. However, no research has been conducted on this pest. This study examined adult emergence, egg laying, and hatching periods. Adults emerged in early June, with an emergence peak in the fourth week of June 2011, and started laying eggs in mid-June. Egg development was approximately 40 days, with the first eggs hatching on 1st August 2011 and the final hatch on 17th August 2011. The simple and relatively successful method of monitoring egg development reported here may be useful for studying the nymphal ecology and life cycle of this species.

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