Some additions to the Scale insect fauna (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) of Crete with a check list of the species known from the island

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Giuseppina Pellizzari *
Francesco Porcelli
Gabrijel Seljak
Ferenc Kozár
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giuseppina Pellizzari |


A list of the scale insects (Homoptera: C occoidea) recorded by the authors for the Greek island of C rete is reported. This includes twenty-seven species new to the island The most interesting records are Kermes palestiniensis Balachowsky (Kermesidae), only recorded previously from Israel, and Getulaspis bupleuri (Marchal) (Diaspididae), only known previously from North A frica and the Middle E ast. With the present additions, the number of scale insect species recorded on C rete has reached 82. A revised check list of the scales presently known from the island is also provided.

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