First case of traumatic myiasis caused by Calliphora vicina in a crested porcupine Hystrix cristata L. in Italy

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D. Scaravelli
C. Senini
T. Bonacci *
(*) Corresponding Author:
T. Bonacci |


Calliphora vicina (Diptera: Calliphoridae) it is a facultative ectoparasite responsible for traumatic myiasis in humans and warmblooded vertebrates in the world. In this work one case of traumatic myasis caused by C. vicina (Diptera Calliphoirdae) is reported for the first time in a vulnerable crested porcupine (Hystrix cristata Linnaeus, 1758). A total of 30 larvae located in the posterior-dorsal area of the animal were removed from inside the lesion and either preserved in ethanol or reared to the adult stage. This report shows the great ability of C. vicina to use many organic matter for the food source’s offspring, including many live vertebrates.

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