Multioppia (Multioppia) biciliata sp. n. new species of oribatid mites from Iran (Acari: Oribatida: Oppiidae)

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M.A. Akrami *
S.R. Bastan
(*) Corresponding Author:
M.A. Akrami |


A new oribatid mite species of the family Oppiidae, Multioppia (Multioppia) biciliata sp. n. is described from Arak, Markazi province, central-western Iran. The new species is characterized by the rounded rostrum; strongly elbowed rostral setae; long sensilli with oblong head, dilated unilaterally, ciliated bilaterally with 15-16 long cilia on outer and 8 short cilia on inner edge; long, thick and bilaterally ciliate notogastral setae; smooth genital and ciliate epimeral, aggenital, anal and adanal setae. An identification key to Iranian species of Multioppia is presented.

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