Thrips species diversity in urban green spaces of Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province), China

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M. Mirab-balou
X.L. Tong
X.X. Chen *
(*) Corresponding Author:
X.X. Chen |


Research was conducted on the fauna of Thysanoptera in the urban green spaces of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, during 2008- 2012. The thrips were collected in different plant communities (mainly in parks) in the city. A total of 26 species from 19 genera in three different families were collected, among them Scolothrips latipennis Priesner, which is newly recorded for the fauna of China. New distribution records of seven species in China are reported. Results of the research indicate that the fauna of thrips of green areas of Hangzhou was quite abundant and diversified, and the occurrence of Selenothrips, Scirtothrips, Thrips, Frankliniella and Haplothrips species seems diverse and should be investigated further.

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M. Mirab-balou, Department of Plant Protection, College of Agriculture, Ilam University

Insect taxonomy

X.L. Tong, Department of Entomology, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou

Insect taxonomy

X.X. Chen, Institute of Insect Sciences, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou

Insect taxonomy