Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of lime (Citrus aurantifolia) peel extract in Balb/c mice infected by Salmonella typhi


Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) is a traditional plant that is widely used as antibacterial. This study proves the effect of Lime Peel Extract (LPE) on the colonization and growth, mediated by the activity of IL-6, of bacteria Salmonella typhi in Balb/c mice. Mice were divided into four groups; LPE 510 mg/kg body weight (bw), LPE 750 mg/kgbw, and positive and negative control. The examination was carried out 3 times, on the 5th day before the intervention, on the 10th day after the intervention and on the 30th day after maintenance. Intervention of LPE for 5 days can decrease the number of S. typhi colonies, even maintenance for 20 days after the intervention showed no bacterial growth. IL-6 pro-inflammatory cytokine activity increased on examination day 5 after S. typhi injection and decreased after intervention on day 10, it was significantly different between pre and post at all groups except for negative controls (p=0.15). The speed of decrease in IL-6 levels was the greatest at the LPE 750 mg/kgbw (velocity=-5.64%). LPE decreased serum levels of IL-6 and inhibited the growth of S. typhi colony in Balb/c mice. LPE has potential for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.



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Lime peel extract, Citrus aurantifolia, Interleukin 6, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
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Kasim, V. N., Hatta, M., Natzir, R., Hadju, V., Hala, Y., Budu, Alam, G., As’ad, S., Febriza, A., & Idrus, H. H. (2020). Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of lime (<em>Citrus aurantifolia</em>) peel extract in Balb/c mice infected by <em>Salmonella typhi</em&gt;. Journal of Biological Research - Bollettino Della Società Italiana Di Biologia Sperimentale, 93(2).

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