In vitro haemostatic effect of amphibian crude skin secretions in rabbit blood plasma

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Iryna Udovychenko *
Yuliia Dudkina
Denys Oliinyk
Oleksandra Oskyrko
Oleksii Marushchak
Tetiana Halenova
Olexii Savchuk
(*) Corresponding Author:
Iryna Udovychenko |


In this research we have studied whether the amphibian crude skin secretions can modify some parameters of haemostatic system. We prepared the samples of crude skin secretions of Bombina bombina, Bombina variegata, Bufo bufo, and Bufotes viridis and investigated the plasma clotting function in vitro by performing activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), prothrombin time and thrombin time (TT) assays. The data indicate that the components of B. bombina and B. variegata skin secretions significantly prolonged aPTT clotting time, while the components of B. viridis skin secretions prolonged the time of plug formation in TT. The proteolytic activity and the ability of the skin secretions components to activate plasma proenzymes were assayed in vitro using synthetic chromogenic substrates. The components of B. variegata skin secretions cleaved all studied chromogenic substrates, whereas the B. viridis secretions intensively cleaved thrombin specific substrate and protein C specific substrate. The components of B. bombina and B. bufo skin secretions activated prothrombin and protein C in plasma. The components of B. variegata, B. bufo and B. viridis skin secretions in a dosedependent manner induced platelet aggregation.

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