Nutrition, obesity and hormones

  • Marco Giammanco | Department of Experimental Biomedicine and Clinical Neurosciences, University of Palermo; Research Unit in Endocrinology, Italian Society of Experimental Biology, Italy.
  • Laura Lantieri Department of Experimental Biomedicine and Clinical Neurosciences, University of Palermo; Research Unit in Endocrinology, Italian Society of Experimental Biology, Italy.
  • Gaetano Leto Department of Sciences for Health Promotion and Mother-Child Care, University of Palermo, Italy.
  • Fulvio Pescia Department of Experimental Biomedicine and Clinical Neurosciences, University of Palermo, Italy.
  • Danila Di Majo Department of Experimental Biomedicine and Clinical Neurosciences, University of Palermo, Italy.


Obesity is a chronic pathological condition with a multifactorial aetiology, characterised by an excessive body fat accumulation with multiple organ-specific consequences. Emerging evidence highlights that obesity appears to be associated with multiple alterations in the endocrine system. However, the mechanisms underlying the interactions between obesity and this system remain still controversial. This review discusses the impact of obesity on various endocrine systems and, in particular, would provide a general overview on the biochemical changes that may occur in each of these axes in association with obesity.



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obesity, growth hormone, thyroid hormones, endocrine system, nutrition
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