Application of the multiuse encapsulator agent F-500 for environmental remediation

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Luigi Pane *
Elisabetta Giacco
Gian Luigi Mariottini
(*) Corresponding Author:
Luigi Pane |


In the framework of the Risk Assessment procedure for the ecotoxicological evaluation of compounds used in the aquatic environment, tests with target species must be carried out. This paper reports the results concerning the evaluation of the acute toxicity of F-500 micelle encapsulator (Hazard Control Technologies Inc., Fayetteville, GA, USA) on cladocerans Daphnia magna, with the purpose to verify its compatibility for the aquatic environment and its adequacy for the remediation of soils polluted with hydrocarbons. The obtained results show that by adding F-500 to diesel-polluted soils, the toxicity on Daphnia magna decreases remarkably, indicating the usefulness of this compound to fight the environmental pollution consequent to hydrocarbon dumping.

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