17th EuGMS Congress, Occtober 11-13, 2021. Live from Athens & Online


Join us on a special 2O21 Broadcast Event!

From the great city of Athens, on October 11-13, we will broadcast the latest and most significant instances of Healthcare, Science and Research. The program will explore the latest outcomes on:

  • Nutrition and physical activity for better aging
  • How geriatrics concerns the non-geriatrician
  • Age-related cardiovascular diseases and the pace of aging
  • Neurodegenerative disorders in the geriatric context

And other crucial topics related to COVID-19. Meet our international Faculty and Key Opinion Leaders, reach a worldwide community of experts and colleagues in the field of Geriatric Medicine, be a part of this multi-level experience! You may choose to join us in-person in Athens at the Megaron Congress Center or Online www.eugms2021.com

Stay tuned for updates!