Endoscopic removal of slow release oxycodone tablets in a case of voluntary acute poisoning

  • Sossio Serra | sossio.serra@gmail.com Emergency Department, Maurizio Bufalini Hospital, Cesena (FC), Italy.
  • Stefano Geniere Nigra Emergency Department, Maurizio Bufalini Hospital, Cesena (FC), Italy.


We describe a case of 83-years-old women admitted to the Emergency Department after massive ingestion of slow release Oxycodone pills for suicidal purpose. After gastric lavage only few tablets has been retrieved and Naloxone infusion was necessary. After 2 hours from drug ingestion Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGDS) was performed and a number of tablets have been removed. Intoxication symptoms completely resolved and Naloxone infusion has been stopped. The clinical courses of this intoxication suggest that the utility of EGDS to remove tablets should be considered in selected cases of drug poisoning.



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Oxycodone, poisoning, gastric decontamination, EGDS
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