Studying the expression rate and methylation of Reprimo gene in the blood of patients suffering from gastric cancer

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Amin Abbasi *
Sahar Heydari
(*) Corresponding Author:
Amin Abbasi |


As gastric cancer has no exclusive signals in its initial phases, it is usually diagnosed in advanced phases. Although many researches have been conducted on methylation and diagnosis of cancer’s markers, the methylation and expression of Reprimo gene and its correlation with gastric cancer has not been thoroughly studied. Methylation of Reprimo promoter is a repetitive procedure exclusive to cancer which nullifies its expression and performance. The present research seeks to study the expression and methylation of Reprimo among people suffering with gastric cancer so that it may be used as a biomarker for early diagnosis. Fifty blood samples taken from healthy people (normal samples) and 50 blood samples obtained from gastric cancer patients were analyzed using Real-Time PCR. The methylation status of the promoter of Reprimo was studied using Methylation Specific PCR technique in normal samples and in gastric cancer Iranian patients. We observed reduction in expression rate of Reprimo in the blood samples of patients suffering with gastric cancer in comparison to normal blood samples. A significant correlation was also observed between the expression rate of this gene, age and methylation of its promoter among patients suffering with gastric cancer and various analysis points to a correlation between reduced expressions of Reprimo gene in gastric cancer patients. In conclusion, reduced expression of Reprimo gene and greater levels of methylation of its promoter seems to be promising biomarkers for early diagnosis of gastric cancer.

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