Adamo: From Ejtm (European Journal of Translational Myology) to Ejt3M (European Journal of Translational Myology, Mobility, Medicine)

From Ejtm (European Journal of Translational Myology) to Ejt3M (European Journal of Translational Myology, Mobility, Medicine)


This first 2018 Issue of the European Journal of Translational Myology presents many novelties, that are demonstrating that the journal is vital and expanding its authorship, readership and relevance from focused fields of biology, physiology, diagnostic, management and rehabilitation of skeletal muscle tissue to the more interesting and clinical relevant fields of human mobility up to those of general medicine. The Editorial Board is consequently expanded to allow fair and expert evaluation of more broadly interests and expertise of the Authors submitting typescripts. We are considering the option to move the name of the journal from Ejtm to Ejt3M (Myology, Mobility, Medicine). Criticisms and suggestions are welcomed.

Ethical Publication Statement

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The first issue of the Volume 28, 2018 of the European Journal of Translational Myology (Ejtm) opens with the collection of Abstracts of the 2018Spring PaduaMuscleDays,1 an event dedicated to the research activities and the personality of Giovanni Salviati, who we were so unlucky to lose him in the best of his fifties.2 Many of his Colleagues and Pupils will gather next March 15-17 to Padova and Euganei Hills to stress the importance for them and for the field of skeletal muscle of the important contributions of Giovanni to the fields of Myology.3 The 2018Spring PaduaMuscleDays will be a Myology event, but the interests will move from the analyses in single muscle fibers to their impact to Mobility of the people and to its impact in the broad fields of muscle Medicine, from genetic muscle diseases to aging.4-16 A few examples are the talk of Lee Sweeney presented March 15, 2018,17 and the Opening Lecture of the Giovanni Salviati Memorial by Roger Sabbadini (March 16, 2018) on the potential of the Lypidomics in cancer managements.19-22 We are thus wondering if we have to change the meaning of the acronym Ejtm from European Journal of Translational Myology to include the very heterogeneous collection of papers that the journal is attracting (see the index of the Volume 28(1), 2018).23 To start the process a new section of the journal is included in the list of Ejtm Advisors, that now includes the Section: Mobility Medicine, Helmut Kern and Giorgio Vescovo, Eds. They are, indeed, excellent Myologists, but their interests and results span very far from structure/function of the skeletal muscle tissue in health and disease. The Advisors of Ejtm are inviting potential Authors of the incoming Ejt3M (Myology, Mobility, Medicine) to submit typescripts, taking into account that the journal is keen to publish high level papers in the fields of Myology, Mobility and Medicine.

Acknowledgments and Funding

This typescript is sponsored by the A&C M-C Foundation for Translational Myology, Padova, Italy.



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