The woman and the penile prosthetic implant. Primary or secondary role? Personal experiences on 355 implanted patients

  • Diego Pozza | Studio di Andrologia e di Chirurgia Andrologica, Rome, Italy.
  • Alberto Berardi U.O. Urologia, S. Sebastiano Hospital, Frascati, Italy.
  • Mariangela Pozza Studio di Andrologia e di Chirurgia Andrologica, Rome, Italy.
  • Augusto Mosca U.O. Urologia, S. Sebastiano Hospital, Frascati, Italy.
  • Carlotta Pozza Department of FPM, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy.


In a group of 355 pts  submitted to Penile Prosthesis Implant (PPI) we recorded data on their relationships with the woman (wife, partner, girlfriend, lover); the aspects of their sexual life; if they were married, divorced or widowed; if they had a lover; if they frequented brothels; if they were satisfied of their actual couple’s life; after operation we recorded data concerning if they had some difficulties utilizing the PPI and their level of satisfaction. After operation most pts (93%) confirmed their satisfaction. Relational aspects:  Unmarried pts: 6 pts (21-30 years old) who weren’t able to penetrate their girlfriends managed to have regular sex with PPI and could marry. 42/46 unmarried pts after PPI decided to marry.  In the group of married pts 3 pts weren’t able to penetrate  their wives; after PPI  they  managed to have regular intercourses and pregnancies. 15 widowers and 23 divorced  pts decided to have a PPI for possible sexual encounters or stable relationships. 96/271 (28,2%) married pts declared a stable extramarital relation that could represent the main reason for having a PPI.  The results of PPI are commonly accepted. Until now PPI may re-establish  penile rigidity and maintenance. In our opinion the simple act of penetrate and ejaculate in vagina, without considering the importance of personal, relational, emotional factors  often well linked to the specific woman, cannot be considered the ideal target of PPI.



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