MRI/TRUS FUSION guided biopsy as first approach in ambulatory setting: Feasibility and performance of a new fusion device

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Daniele D'Agostino *
Federico Mineo Bianchi
Daniele Romagnoli
Marco Giampaoli
Paolo Corsi
Alessandro Del Rosso
Riccardo Schiavina
Eugenio Brunocilla
Angelo Porreca
(*) Corresponding Author:
Daniele D'Agostino |


Purpose: To evaluate the detection rate of Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Transrectal Ultrasound (MRI/TRUS) Fusion Biopsy performed in a series of patients with suspicious prostate cancer in an ambulatory setting.
Materials and methods: Between March 2018 and January 2019 a series of 155 patients undergoing MRI/TRUS fusionguided biopsy were prospectively enrolled. All patients presented a suspected diagnosis for prostate cancer because of raised Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) serum level and/or abnormal physical examination (digital rectal examination), and showed at least one suspicious area at the multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mpMRI).
Results: Of 155 patients, 58 (37.4%) were biopsy-naïve, 97 (62.6%) had at least 1 previous negative TRUS-guided biopsy. The median age of the patient cohort was 66 years (IQR, 61- 69); the median prebiopsy PSA value was 7.1 ng/ml (IQR, 5- 8.9). Overall, the Fusion-TB findings were positive in 94 of 155 patients with a detection rate (DR) of 60%; a significantly high DR was obtained in terms of clinically significant prostate cancer (csPCa) by Fusion-TB (61 pts; 41.9%). The overall DR in the 121 biopsy-naive patients was 60.6%. In the subgroup of the 34 patients with at least 1 previous set of TRUS-GB, overall DR was 39.3% (35/50).
Conclusions: The targeted MRI/TRUS fusion-guided biopsy represents a safe and accurate approach for diagnosis of csPCa, especially in patient with previous TRUS guided biopsy negative and suspicious prostate cancer.

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Daniele D'Agostino, Department of Robotic Urological Surgery, Abano Terme Hospital, Abano Terme


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