Ureteral realignment with combined access as a treatment of complete ureteral transection

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Jorge Panach-Navarrete *
Marcos Antonio Lloret-Durà
María Medina-González
José María Martínez-Jabaloyas
(*) Corresponding Author:
Jorge Panach-Navarrete | jorge.panach@uv.es


Ureteral realignment using a ureteral stent can be an alternative treatment in cases of complete ureteral transection and may avoid the need for reconstructive surgery. The combined access can help the passage of the guidewire through the injured area and the threading of the urinary system of the patient. We present a case of a 38-year-old man with multiples abdominal surgeries, who underwent a complete ureteral section treated with ureteral realignment with combined access. The subsequent evolution was favourable, with resolution of the ureteral injury at the acute time, and without the presence of long-term obstruction. Although we must accept that the standard treatment of the complete ureteral transection is reconstruction and anastomosis, in cases such as the one prsented, with multiple abdominal surgeries and whenever it is technically feasible, ureteral realignment may be a treatment option.

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