Pubis bone osteomyelitys after robotic radical cystectomy with continent intracorporeal urinary diversion: Multidisciplinary approach to a complex situation

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Daniele Romagnoli *
Federico Mineo Bianchi
Paolo Sadini
Andrea Angiolini
Daniele D'Agostino
Marco Giampaoli
Sergio Candiotto
Riccardo Schiavina
Eugenio Brunocilla
Angelo Porreca
(*) Corresponding Author:
Daniele Romagnoli |


Pubic bone osteomyelitis is a rare infectious condition which is characterized by a complex diagnostic and therapeutic workup, due to its various clinical manifestations. Among the many causes of this condition, urinary fistula is the most common in case of previous urological procedures. In order to solve this complication, it is crucial to treat both the fistula and (moreover) the infectious locus arising from it, because treating the fistula alone does not provide any control on the infectious noxa. We present the first case of pubic bone osteomyelitis arising from a urinary fistula after a robotic radical cystectomy with intra corporeal continent neobladder, which has been successfully treated through a multidisciplinary approach.

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